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At Dogwood Arts, we continue to advance creative efforts in our community. As part of this growth, we have significant interest in connecting local businesses and nonprofit organizations to artists creating one-of-a-kind murals and art installations. To address the needs of our community, we have decided to produce a lookbook showcasing local and regional artists who specialize in mural production and wall installations. We see this as a valuable tool for organizations interested in commissioning murals and hiring artists in Knoxville! 

Applying to the project below will allow us to gather information for artist profiles in our lookbook. Please note that Dogwood Arts will not provide funding for private projects like Fairmont Flats, but we will promote them - as part of our mission to connect artists to creative opportunities.


Art loving real estate developers in Knoxville seek qualifications and artwork samples from artists and/or artist teams interested in creating one-of-a-kind murals for a new condominium development. Up to 10 artists will be selected to produce 1-3 mural designs/wall treatments for their condo units. Each artist will receive a $50 stipend for their design time from the developer. The murals will be located in the main living area of each condo unit (approximately a 10’x10’ drywall surface). The condo buyers will select the artwork to be implemented, after selection artists will receive $1,000 stipends for murals and/or wall installation from the developer. 

Dogwood Arts will create a unique lookbook from the applications for other organizations interested in producing murals and hiring artists in Knoxville. Dogwood Arts will not provide funding for this private project. Mural installations and payments will be coordinated by the Fairmont Flats management team & condominium residents. 

For additional information contact Kate at kcreason@dogwoodarts.com

Fairmont Flats Renderings- Click Here

Mural Application Available: January 16, 2019
Application Deadline: February 22, 2019 (APPLY NOW - THIS FRIDAY!)
Application Review & Artist Selection: February 25-26, 2019
Mural Design Submission: March 18, 2019
Mural Selection & Installations: March 20- July 1, 2019*

Application Recommendations

Complete the online application and upload 3-5 artwork samples that reflect your design aesthetic and ability to create a large scale mural. Do not submit mural designs for the condo units; only submit completed artworks. If you collaborated on one of your artwork samples, please credit your amazing team in the artist statement. Artists must apply by February 22, 2019 at 11:59 EST.

Artist Stipends & Funding Guideline

After the initial qualifications & artwork sample submissions are reviewed by our committee, 10 artists will be selected to receive $50 stipends from the developer to create 1-3 site-specific mural designs for the condo units. 8 mural designs will be chosen for implementation. Artists that are selected to create a condo mural will receive a $1,000 stipends for mural production from the developer. Their stipend covers all costs related to the completion of a single mural. This may include artwork conception, design edits, art supplies, various installation materials, equipment rentals, and onsite production time.

Condo Mural Recommendations

Artists should consider the contemporary and art deco architectural style of the property. Only original artworks will be accepted for implementation. Artists should limit content related to politics, violence, lewdness, logos, copyright images, cartoon characters, etc. Artists should work with pattern, color, and/or unique graphic elements. Artists who have interest in adding wood, metal or other unconventional materials to their designs will need to have additional oversight and approval prior to installation.

About Fairmont Flats

Designed to house a mix of uses in 1939, the Art Moderne structure features one- and two-story portions all constructed of block masonry. It originally contained four residential apartments on its upper level with light-wells that provided natural light to their interior spaces. The two one- story projecting wings on each end of the lower level contained inwardly facing commercial spaces which opened into a shared courtyard that was accessed off of Broadway. These wings retain their curved corners, a typical characteristic of Art Moderne. The Art Moderne style, emerging on the heels of the Art Deco period in the decade prior to WW II, gained popularity due to its innovative and forward-looking design. It was also appealing at that time due its use of modern and efficient construction techniques and materials, typically masonry. The style was characterized by long, low, streamlined forms and emphasized clean horizontal lines in facades with very little embellishment. The overall original Art Moderne form and materials of the Taggert building remain intact, although the original steel windows are missing and some openings have been infilled. But physical and photo-documentation exists to guide an appropriate rehabilitation which has the potential to provide an impressive entrance to the Oakwood-Lincoln Park Neighborhood.